L2Namaste - Lineage 2 Interlude Multiskill X50.

Multiskill Server
Max Level 80
Exp/SP: x50/x7
Adena: x10
Drop chance: x30
Spoil chance: x10
Quest Drop: x2
Quest Reward: x1
Raid Boss Drop Chance: x2
Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
Mid-Grade Lifestone: 3%
High-Grade Lifestone: 6%
Top-Grade Lifestone: 9%
Safe Enchant: +3
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 66%
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 70%
Crystal Scroll of Enchant Safe: +6
Maximum Clients per PC: 5
Augment Skills: 1
Npc Buffer = 1 h.
CH Basic Buffs = 1h.
Dances & songs = 1h..
3rd Class Buff = 1h.
Summon Buff = 1h.
Hot Springs debuff (4) working correctly.
Buff slots: Unlimmited
Skills learn with SP.
Rebirth System
GmShop Up to Top C-Grade - Craft Style
Vote Rewards